We build solutions to meet your needs.
Our team brings a breadth of knowledge and experience, and a unique diversity of thought.
This allows us to explore a wider range of creative possibilities, make time for individual approaches, and suggest innovative solutions that maximize the benefits of our unique offerings whilst ensuring seamless integration with existing practices.



Asset & Environment DEVELopMENT

To transfer an environment from page to screen, we aim for cohesive design and depth in scope. From broad-stroke descriptions to intricate designs, environment assembly, and final testing and optimization for the best performance on a shoot day, our artists deliver on artistic and technical quality.



Previsualization ensures a unified view of the final image. By leveraging the 3D work already in progress, previz allows us to explore elements such as editorial timing, lighting cues, and set design, taking us further than the traditional storyboard.



Techvisualization helps identify possible physical limitations and engineer solutions by looking at available gear, the spatial conditions, and how the virtual background will mesh with the practical foreground.


Creative & Production Consultancy

Our ethos is collaboration. We don’t draw a line between us and our clients, but offer continous support and facilitation. We integrate with your team and processes as early as possible in order to help develop and create with our unique tool set in mind. As a multidisciplinary team with an extended network of local professionals, we are able to advise on how to not only produce, but to develop for virtual production.
We are happy to explore extended service packages and solutions based on individual project needs.