We build solutions to meet your needs.
We assess and plan each project individually to identify unique characteristics and concerns, and guide you through all possible options and benefits.

Our team’s diversity of experience ensures we always explore a range of possible approaches that maximize the benefits of virtual production with ease.



Asset Optimization & Legalization

For shots to look their best, assets must be performing at their best. When preparing to work at our virtual production stage, our team will test and adjust all digital assets to make sure that they fit into the larger production ecosystem, and will perform to its highest potential, ensuring a smooth shoot day.


Asset & Environment Development

To transfer the idea of an environment from page to screen, the aim is to always create a feeling of cohesive design and depth in scope. This means that from broad-stroke description to the design details to the final execution, having a team advising at every step ensures that nothing falls out of place in either artistic aim or technical quality.



To ensure a unified view of the final image designed, previsualization techniques can be employed to land on what the shoot day needs to deliver. By leveraging the 3D work already in progress, we can take this effort further than the traditional storyboard, exploring elements such as editorial timing, lighting cues and set design.



Techviz takes the work accomplished in previz and applies the physical craft of filmmaking to look at how all practical components need to meet, identify possible physical limitations and engineer solutions. This includes looking at available gear and the spatial conditions, and how the virtual background will mesh with the practical foreground.


Creative & Production Consultancy

Our ethos is collaboration, so we don’t just draw a line between us and our clients, but aim to offer continuous support in making your creative vision a reality. We integrate with your teams and processes, and as a multidisciplinary team of creatives and technicians, are able to advise on how to think, write and produce for virtual production.